The Violet Theory – Review

The Violet Theory – Elodie Iver

Rating: ★★★★★

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Publication Date: February 28, 2018

Genres: Young/New Adult, Thriller/Suspense, Adventure

In Raiona, there once was a democracy, but now there is only a mysterious queen who never shows her face and a girl who has questions about what she really is. Mavis Caverly knows that she’s different and has a purple question mark tattooed on her wrist to prove it, but when she finds a mysterious book and a stranger offers her the opportunity to find out what she is, the 17-year-old cannot refuse. She travels across the sea with a band of pirates and uncovers the hidden secrets of her country and learns that she cannot trust everyone.

One of the first things that attracted me to The Violet Theory by Elodie Iver was, not only did the story sound wonderful, but she is my age and has published a book. What more is that the book is eloquently written and has twists and turns that I never expected. It’s safe to say that I did not expect the ending and now I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the second book to be released.

First things first, Iver’s voice and style of writing are splendid. It flows throughout the story, enchanting the reader and makes the experience of reading suck you in. I would be reading and truly forget where I was at times or say “Just one more chapter” and realize that a few chapters/hours have passed!

The flow of the story was smooth, especially since there were so many scene changes and characters that Iver incorporated into the story. The rising tension propelled the book forward, allowing the story to drive itself forward and the reader with it. The action never seemed to stop either, which is a bonus.

The story is from the first-person perspective of Mavis Caverly, who was a complex and clever character. It felt as though she was just any other ordinary 17-year-old girl which made her very relatable and likable. She never stopped observing or questioning, but Mavis was also empathetic to those around her, collecting the names of those who were wronged and using that to drive her on the journey for the truth. Mavis is also very loyal to the people she loves.

Beck Pyper, another character who becomes one of the main characters, was also a very well thought out character who is loyal and just awesome. He is a pirate, he is a friend, he is a team player who is strong, and he is a character that you can easily get behind and become easily attached to. Mavis and Beck quickly become friends after she starts trusting him more in the first half of the book.

My favorite part about their friendship is that it is not pushed to be something more than pure friendship. I would like to say that I could totally ship them together, but I think that it was wise of Iver to leave the lovey-dovey stuff out of this first book.

I am still stunned by how wonderful the world building was constructed throughout the novel. Raiona had a complex history of how the power changed, and slowly throughout the book, the history of how it came to be is revealed. The reader can tell that Iver was wholly dedicated to making the world surrounding the characters as life-like as possible, and her work paid off because at times it felt as if I could walk straight into it. She also displayed the struggle of power versus the people and how it was affecting the people.

Several secrets are uncovered throughout the story, which was one of my favorite parts because they genuinely caused my jaw to drop or for me to audibly gasp. The plot twists and shocks were amazing and Iver put them in at all the right places, causing the reader to not want to put the book down.

This was an amazing book, and I have to recommend it to everyone because it has something for everyone. I would also like to thank Elodie Iver for allowing me to read her book and interview her.

wonderfully adventurous

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