Reflection: My Birthday

It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow. I’m sure that sentence can sound like I am either excited or hating it. Honestly, I am not sure where I stand. Somewhere in the middle. Right now, I want to take a minute or two to reflect on this. 

Two decades. That’s how much time I have taken up, and still, I do not feel as though I have actually used it wisely. I have done many things, but not nearly as many as I was hoping to. I have traveled and written and gotten good grades, yes, but does that truly amount for much? 

From the edge that I am now standing on, I feel that I only have ten years left before everything starts to deteriorate. According to everything that I have heard, it’s your thirties when your body starts to fall apart. Everyone says to cram your twenties full of life and experiences. Travel as much as you can! How can I when all I do is go to school and work. But if I want to travel, I will be covered in loans and debts. I don’t want that. 

Right now, I am happy for my birthday because my twentieth year alive is going to be filled with big things, I’m sure. So I am going to choose to ignore all of the downfalls that everyone claims happen in your thirties. If there is anything that I have learned from the strong women in my life, age is only a number and you are that number only if you believe it. 

I also want to take this second and say thank you to my family, especially my mother, who I am sure is reading this. Thank you for being my biggest fan and supporter. You have raised me well and taught me to follow my dreams of being a writer. And thank you to my family. You all give me joy and encouragement every day and challenge me to be a better version of myself. This is the most important lesson anyone could ever learn. And thank you for always accepting and believing in me, no matter what. 

This twentieth year of mine will be big because I have an exciting announcement… (drumroll please)…

I am starting a podcast. 

The Book Fix is a podcast hosted by me for readers, book lovers, book bloggers, or anyone who wants to listen. The podcast will focus on a wide variety of topics that all centralize around books and the community.

I will be interviewing peers, authors, librarians, teachers. I will also be doing a version of my “Enjoy the View” page (I haven’t landed on a for it name yet) where I will be talking about libraries, women in literature, the representation of religion in certain texts, and why some books seem to get more attention than other. I will also be doing reviews, either podcast exclusive or coinciding with LazyCoffeePrincess. 

I am so excited for this new venture of mine. I love listening to podcast but saw, or rather heard, that there was a surprising shortage of podcasts for book lovers. I took the microphone into my own hands and have begun the journey. 

More details will come once I feel more settled, but I can tell a few small details of the podcast. 

It will be biweekly (an episode will air every other week) with the release day being Thursday. 

The first episode will cover why libraries are still important and we should support libraries. 

I feel a lot better after telling you all that. Wow. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am. This way I get to connect with all of you just a bit more! 

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I'm an avid reader who can't get her nose out of a book. I am an English undergraduate student in the Midwest who dreams of being an author one day.

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