Life Update 2018.2

Hey everyone! I am back. Hopefully you have seen my vow renewal/blog anniversary post. I was 100% honest about everything in that post, including laying in bed until noon the day that I created this blog in its original settings. So much has changed over the years, but I have changed too! I posted another life update back in the late winter or early spring of 2018, but here is another one, and boy it is a big one. It knocked my socks off and it might for yours as well.

I moved! That’s my huge news. I am originally from the Southern Indiana region of the midwest, and this past August moved to Muncie, Indiana to attend Ball State University. Yes, yes, thank you for the applause.

Here are some quick questions with answers that everyone and there dog has asked me…

Are you living in the dorms? – H*ll no! Why would I do that? Raised as an only child, plus I’m almost 20 and don’t enjoy nonsense. Pass on the dorm crap. Next!

Do you have a roommate? – Ha ha. Please refer back to the last question. No. No I do not. I live in my own apartment with my dog and enjoy walking around in no pants or pajamas all day. Thank you for the concern on my social life though.

How are you enjoying the new city? – It was a big change to move my life of all I have really known with all of my friends, coworkers, and entire life and just pick myself up and move. It was hard. But I love being on my own, having freedom, and discovering new things about my new home everyday. That little nature walk path was amazing and way off the beaten path!

What is your major? – I originally went for Journalism and English with a minor in French, but now I am only focusing on English Literature and the French minor. Woo!

How are your classes? – Just like you would expect college classes to be. I’m tired all the time, working a full time job, taking care of my own place, and loving every single minute of being a strong independent woman!

Do you have a job? – Yes, Yes I do because I have bills to pay and mouths to feed! But I work full time as a receptionist. I enjoy the human contact at work so that I can just stay home and not talk to anyone.

How is Katie adjusting to the transition? – She is doing fantastic! She loves being the mini-queen on the roost and loves being allowed on the couch. She also likes sleeping under my bed?! I’m not sure why, but my little fluff muffin loves it. She also enjoys going on a lot of nature walks. Look!

Katie enjoying the Ducks on a Nature Walk

Does she enjoy being an only dog? – Now that is an interesting question which leads right into my next news topic!

I would like to formally announce that my little family of two is growing to three! (No I’m not having a baby… don’t be ridiculous!)

This is Sawyer. He is the sweetest dog (besides Katie) and the moment I saw his picture on a local no-kill shelters Facebook page, I knew that he was the right fit for our family. He is a sweet boy who seems to be 8 years old? Like Katie, he is a differently-abled dog who is blind. He has snuggled his way into our hearts while making them melt. Adopt don’t shop! But in all honestly, now Katie and I feel truly complete as a family and I love the little life that I have built for myself.

This is Sawyer!

That’s all I really have folks! I will start posting more soon and become reinvested in my hobby of book blogging. This has also been thanks to my local public library. Thank you for changing my mind about being a book buying snob! Support your local library by reading books from them for (get this) completely FREE! This is every person’s dream.

I also want to make a point that even though this was a huge life decision for me, there is not a moment that I regret it. I am proud of myself for making such a dramatic life change. If you are sitting there reading this with something in your life that you are thinking about changing (diet, hairstyle, apartments, jobs, city, country, whatever it may be), you can do it. This is your sign. I am here to cheer you on the entire way. It might be hard, but after you take that first big leap, you will be glad that you did. Trust me! I did it and survived for the most part!

Thank you so much everyone! If you got to this part of the post, bless you, and enjoy some pictures of Katie, Sawyer, and I living up our lives!

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I'm an avid reader who can't get her nose out of a book. I am an English undergraduate student in the Midwest who dreams of being an author one day.

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