5 Books to Read before 2019

Hey everyone! Today I have a special treat for you, especially if you feel like you are in a reading rut and trying to reach your goal for the year.


This natural reading rut happens to every reader, so it’s normal if this happens to you! It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or not worthy of calling yourself a bookworm. This feeling has happened to me so often, and it is so frustrating because there seems to be no reason for it. The only reason that I can conclude is that reading is an emotional activity, and sometimes our bodies and brains need a break, so our brains take very little interest in reading for a period of time.

Reading is emotional. We, as readers, take in the words that are before us. They are set into our brains, and our brains create a scene of what is happening, make connections (between our own lives and the story or another way that we can relate to the concept), and then continue on reading the words in front of our faces.

For example, I recently read a chapter in one of my current reads (fiction) about how a 14 year olds mother died and how she wrote letters to her mother still 20 years later to cope with the grief. This chapter, was emotionally taxing on me because I related to what I would do if my mother, who had played a key role in my life during that age for me. It was only chapter 3 of this book! I had to physically close the book and cry for a short moment.


There is nothing wrong with having this reaction.


The topics that make you raw after reading them are good for your growth as a reader and as a person, and there is nothing wrong with reading them if you choose to. But as a person who should be aware of their own mental health, one should realize that there might be some emotionally consequences that happen after reading that book, chapter, excerpt, etc.


**I do not know if this is what actually causes reading ruts, but this seems to be what causes mine**


With all of this rant being said, realize that it is okay to take a break or to find yourself without inspiration to read or in a reading rut.

Today, I have a small selection of classics that I am planning on reading to close the “goal gap” that I have. As of right now, I have 10 more books to read before I hit my goal of 50 books read in 2018.

This year, I have focused on reading books that I think have some value to society in the past, rather than reading books that are hot off the press and critically acclaimed this year. I felt that the hustle and bustle of the past few years and the drive to be amongst the first people to read the hottest book out swayed my opinion so much. In taking that step back, I found my love for the written word all over again, especially in older or not-so-hot-anymore books.



Here are 5 books that I will be reading before 2019 that are what I consider to be the classics of society. Also, 4 of the 5 books are rereads from years past, but to me they still count.


1. The Giver by Lois Lowry – I remember having to read this for the first time in 7th grade and being struck with wonder that Lowery, with the same letters and words that I have to work with, created a story with such a deep meaning for society. This is an easy read for me and the story is wonderful. I will be rereading this soon.










2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – I never had to read this in high school like most American teenagers did. It wasn’t until a year ago that I saw that there was an awesome audiobook version of this on Spotify and I was driving on a little road trip. Then I went back to read it. Every time I read it, I get a different meaning out of it. Short and seemingly sweet, but so much depth that is still prevalent even today. This is a must read.




3. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy – I have not read this book before, and yes, as it sits before me staring me down, it seems like a monster. My copy has over 800 pages and I feel like smacking myself for choosing this book. Nevertheless, I believe that it has some value that I need in my life right now as someone who is about to turn 20 and needs reassurance while my life feels like it is spinning out of control. Yes, I am reading this beast of a gut feeling.

4. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – After the first time of reading this book, I could never leave the story on the shelf for long. I feel that it is approaprait that I plan on finishing 2018 out by reading a book about how society and the order has shifted into something so profound. This year, I grew up and society reared its ugly face at me. Symbolic of my year.
5. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini – I had to include one book that I knew would make me cry. If you have not read this book yet, run to get it, do not walk! Then you will want to binge Hosseini’s other books. Do it. You will be raw afterwards, but it is important that everyone knows the stories that he has shared.



So there you go. The 5 books that just about everyone can benefit from reading this year, including me, that aren’t hot off the press or extremely short.

Let me know what else I should read this year, what you think of my selection, or anything else in the comments.

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