The Anomaly – Review



Title: The Anomaly

 Author: Michael Rutger

Rating: 4/5

Series? No


Hey everyone! I’m back today with a fresh new book review that is hot off the press (literally).

*This is a spoiler free review*

I just want to say that Book of the Month club (link here) is an awesome subscription service (not sponsored, I promise), that gets you access to books before they are officially published. This was the case with The Anomaly and I didn’t even realize it! I randomly chose the book that sounded the most interesting to me and didn’t pay attention to any of the other information.

The Anomaly written by Michael Rutger will be officially published on June 19, 2018.


The overview… 

I loved this book! This is not the genre that I would normally read, but suddenly I was in the mood for an adventure and just a dash (or a whole lot) of thrill. I am giving this book 4/5 stars. The only reason why it’s not getting five is because of the moments when I was either too scared to sleep, when my heart dropped into my stomach or jumped into my throat, or when I cried at one awful part. But don’t let that deter you from picking up this amazing book.

The synopsis… 

A YouTube documentary series that is hosted by unofficially archaeologist Nolan Moore is dismissed by real experts but conspiracy theorists love him and his quest to find out the “real truth.” Nolan and his team are now setting out to find a mysteri
ous cavern that G.E. Kincaid found in the Grand Canyon but no one else has ever found. It is rumored to be filled with treasures unknown. Now, Nolan might have actually found what he set out to! But suddenly, the trip takes a turn for the worse and the mysterious cavern seems to be turning against them in ways that are not possible, and their survival is on the line.

The characters…

I don’t typically read books that have the whole group setting or a bunch of main characters in it. I am just not drawn to those books, but there was something that made me feel so connected to Nolan, Ken, Molly, Pierre, Gemma, and Feather that compelled me to continue reading. They all had their weaknesses and breaking points, but also their strengths that helped the journey to continue moving forward. They broke my heart, brought tears to my eyes, and made me laugh out loud too many times to count.

The writing… 

As I become a more aware reader and grow in my studies as an English Lit major, I become much more aware of the writing style and tone that the authors use. Michael Rutger had a distinctive voice throughout the whole book that took the readers breathe away; it made the whole world dim and the words sweep you away until you are sitting in the darkened cavern with the whole gang in a dangerous situation that makes your breath stop halfway into your lungs. I know that if Rutger ever does publish any more books after this, I know that I will make sure that I have them in my hands the day they come out!

The thrill… 

The Anomaly is packed with adventure and breathtaking moments. In some adventure books, the plot/excitement seems to hit a plateau a little more than halfway through. Thankfully, Rutger’s writing never seemed to hit that boring point. On every page there seemed to be another piece of the puzzle added that made it only harder to figure it out.


I loved The Anomaly and have already recommended it to quite a few friends. If you are looking for some adventure or just want a story that will suck you in, go pick up The Anomaly by Michael Rutger.


I just want to thank all of you for being patient with me. I was in a reading/writing slump for a while. There was so much stress going on in my life that it felt almost impossible to bring myself to do the things that I love.

Also, with all of the stress of my life, I will be posting a HUGE life update in a month or so. With that, there might be new categories added here on the blog. I am so delighted that I get to share an exciting part of my life with you. Thank you.


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