Angel of Shadow – Review

Hey everyone! I’m back here today with a review of another amazing book. My new year is going pretty great as I just keep reading really awesome books. Angel of Shadows by DH Nevins is the second book in the Wormwood trilogy. I reviewed the first book, Wormwood, a few months back (you can read that right here). I also did an author interview with Nevins.

I am so happy that she allowed for me to be one of the first people to read this book with an ARC copy. Now, since this is a sequel, I’ll be doing the review just a tab bit differently.


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(Here‘s the link to the Goodreads synopsis)

The overview.

Simply put, I loved this book. 4.5/5 stars because it is so difficult to make a sequel that is just as wonderful as the first book. Kali is still a badass babe who knows what she wants. Tiamat is still as hot and steamy as ever, loyal like none other, and protects Kali, and his soldiers, no matter the cost.

The sequelling.

There is unfortunately not a better word for reminding the reader what happened in the first book. So, sequelling it is. I read Wormwood back in August, and it is fair to say that I forgot just a bit. But one of the most stunning aspects of Angel of Shadow was how Nevins managed to gracefully remind the reader what big events happened in the last book. What I mean by this is that she didn’t use the first couple of chapters to do the “previously in…” but instead, she just sprinkled in those details. This made me feel a lot better about myself.

The characters.

Kali. Oh man. I related the Kali so hard in this book. She is practical, and has honest reactions to the events that are happening. We all would like to think that in the face of danger, we could act like Aelin Galathynius, but I’m pretty sure that if a giant battle were talking place right in front of me, I would be screaming a string of words. Now, Kali doesn’t do that, but she approaches these huge events very realistically. Also, her love for Tiamat is, in my opinion, the goals of a happy and healthy relationship. They trust each other, the support the other, and they are always there when the other needs them. The other quality that makes Kali so human was her compassion. There is a tribe of humans that she feels compelled to help survive during threatening events, and the way that she cares for the smallest of characters (that may turn out to be really big characters 🙊).

Tiamat. In Angel of Shadow, he is loyal to all he loves, and is such a strong character. I really enjoyed him as a character much more in this sequel. The other component that liked about this sequel is the story and explanation of what happened whenever he died and how he came back to life. That part, I found very intriguing because of how Nevin’s explained it.

The setting.

I was just a little bit confused about the setting because in the beginning, Kali had said that they were staying in a cave. Whenever I think of a cave, I don’t usually think about a whole cave system, but once I figured out that it is a cave system, then I understood just a bit better. You have to remember from the first book that the landscape has completely changed because the Nephilim ending the world. But overall, you still get the woodsy, camping feeling that you get whenever you read the first book.

The action.

This book is action packed. There are little snippets of actions all throughout the story that help to drive it forward until the big battle/climax. This is such a great tactic that Nevins used throughout the book because you are constantly hooked. It was very hard to even put the book down. The other part that I enjoyed about the action readings was that even though the book is in first-person, the story never felt like it was constricted to just what Kali was witnessing. Nevin’s made sure to include everything else that was happening around Kali. This, I felt, compliment Kali’s nature, because she wouldn’t only be worried about herself, she was worried about her friends.


This was a terrific sequel and it is difficult to top the first book. 4.5/5 stars because this book deserves every bit of praise that it will receive. This delightful sequel to Wormwood Releases on January 13, here is where you can get it.

I would like to say a special thank you to Ms. Nevin’s. Thank you so much for allowing me to read the ARC copy of Angel of Shadow. I can’t wait for the third book to come out. Thank you so much for your friendship and support.


Thank you so much for reading this little review! You can find Wormwood here and Angel of Shadow here. Go check it out! DH Nevins is an amazing author and her books are truly wonderful.



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  1. This is such an incredible review, Loren! I am so thrilled by your response to the story and the characters–reading it seriously took my breath away! What an absolutely wonderful thing to see the day before Angel of Shadow’s release. I didn’t think anything could settle my nerves, but this certainly helps! Thank you!!!

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