August Wrap Up!

Hey everyone! I’m back! Life has been crazy and I am so sorry about my absence. But, throughout the month of August, I’ve been reading like crazy, which has helped me keep my life balanced.

In the beginning of the month, I finished reading The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. It’s about a witch named Tea who finds her power whenever she raises her brother from the dead. She is sent off to school to learn how to hone her powers as a bone witch and the story takes off from there. It’s the first one in a series and I can’t wait for more!

I am participating in #TheReadingQuest and the next couple of books that I read were for that challenge specifically. If you want some more information on this reading challenge, then go check out my last post here.

I read Grey Stone by Jean Knight Pace & Jacob Kennedy (here) for the first book of the challenge. I was sent this book by the writers and I love it! Thankfully it’s a series also! It’s a fantasy series about dogs, wolves, and humans where the wolves rule the land and humans are slaves. The main characters join a rebellion to bring balance of power back and this is following their involvement. I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. There will be a review of it going out in the next week or so.

I then read The Venetian Bargain by Marina Fiorato (here) for another part of the reading challenge. I read one of Fiorato’s books earlier this summer, so I was confident that I would like this one. I did! It’s about a young girl who has become a doctor in the 1500s and ends up traveling to Venice under some false pretenses. She then helps a fellow doctor treat patients of the Black Death outbreak and finds a way to cure them. There is some romance, but you’ll just have to read the book to see where it goes. I love her writing and how I can just fall into it.

For another part of the reading challenge, I read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (here) and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It made me really reflect on our society and myself. I highly recommend this book.

The last book that I read this month was an audiobook. I recently have gotten back into audiobooks because of how much I have to drive to get to school everyday and because of a couple long drives that I’ve had to make. I listened to Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (here) and I loved it. It was very sensitive and thoughtful about the sexual abuse topic. I don’t know why I didn’t read this book when I was back in middle school or high school, but I’m glad that I read it now.

I’m in the middle of reading Wormwood by DH Nevins (here) and I plan to have that finished by the end of this week. I love her style and I’m excited about the review that I’ll be putting out after I finish that.

I recently joined BookTube also. I posted a video of my August Book Haul and August Wrap Up. Go check them out and subscribe to me if you want!

You can also find me on Twitter (@lcoffeeprincess) and Instagram (@lazycoffeeprincess).


See you all soon!

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I'm an avid reader who can't get her nose out of a book. I am an English undergraduate student in the Midwest who dreams of being an author one day.

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