Review: Goodnight From London

Recently, this book was in my May Wrap-Up, and was the final book I read in May. It was such a lovely read and I’m happy that it landed on my summer reading list.



In short, this book is about a female American journalist during 1940 who is hired over in England from New York City. She has a troubled past and no family to tie her down, so her boss says that she’s the perfect candidate to cover the blitz in the UK. After she travels to Britain, she falls in love with her work, her new country, and a soldier, and she learns what it means to truly have a family. In all honesty, this is a feel good contemporary read, and it was a nice break from the long stream of fantasy that I was reading for the rest of the month.

This book was actually very well written, the characters were amazing and I actually felt for them whenever something happened. The drama and scenes seemed to line up very nicely with history. I am curious about the other work that Jennifer Robson has done, so I might have a new favorite historical writer on my hands! Daisy Goodwin, you’ll always be there for me though.

Ruby had a confusing back story, but the way that it affected the story and the characters that were around her was wonderful. I was very happy when she finally was accepted into her family and when she made a connection with a coworker about a similar past. Also, the love thing with Bennet was just a bit┬áconfusing. They started out as friends, but then they kissed and left it at that for a year. They must have been patient, because I get a little upset whenever I don’t get kissed on a first date!

Their romance is subtle at first, barely even a friendship, then all of the sudden they kiss and they’re doing things in Paris. It seems that all of the books I have been reading lately have sex scenes… which is awkward while reading in public… to say the least. But then the ending is happy and rushed, but that was the war and how it ended with Germany.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 8.27.14 PMThe writing was beautiful, and it was nice to take a break from first person and step into third for a little bit. I don’t prefer to dally here, but it was a nice vacation. Also, did I mention the artwork on the cover? Absolutely beautiful and stunning! Mine has a slight metallic tint to it, so whenever I’m taking pictures of it in the sun, it just pops! Magnificent!

In the end, I would rate this book 4.5/5 stars, just because it was slightly predictable, except for a big moment in the middle. Other than that, it was a lovely read.


Keep reading, dears.

Love, Loren.



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