Review: Gone Girl

I recently finished listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, I think it was actually last Monday. I was hooked on this book after the first chapter! So, if any of you have read this book or are interested in reading it, here’s my review of it!

Let me just say one short little thing about audiobooks before I get started.

I recently have been in a music rut, mostly because all of my favorite indie songs were making it into mainstream music, so whenever I would listen to the radio in my car I would get really ticked off. I have to drive 30 minutes to school every day (1 hour total) and then I run and walk my dog. That’s about 2 hours a day where I would usually be wasting my time, but instead, I have started listening to books. I live in a wonderful city where the public library has an app and from that app you can rent audiobooks! This is one of the most amazing things ever! So, even though I didn’t “read” this book, I still feel like I read it and I plan on buying an actual copy of it for my personal library. Please don’t hate.




Here’s the link to the Goodreads synopsis, but here’s mine if you want to read it.

Amy and Nick Dunn have recently moved from New York City to some little sleepy town in Missouri that has been hit hard by the recession. Both of them are writers who lost their jobs in New York. On their 5th wedding anniversary, Amy disappears and Nick is looking suspicious. Through the first half of the book, everything is pointing to Nick, who seems like a normal jackass guy who is depressed. Amy’s diary makes her sound to be the perfect wife who is trying, determined, and is always the alpha girl. Their marriage wasn’t as happy and was in a rough spot, but does that mean that Nick killed Amy?

I don’t want to reveal too much about this book if you haven’t already read it. I’m trying to stay spoiler free. Thankfully I have already been able to talk and rant to my sister about it.

Some of the characters in the beginning, like Amy and her parents, seem so full of life and perfect, but some of the others where sketchy and blank, like Nick at first. Nick’s twin sister, Margot (‘Go’ for short), could’ve been built up just a little bit more I think. She had such an interesting personality, but in the second half, it got lost in the shuffle. I think in only one scene in the second half, her personality came back, but for the rest of that half, she was just a blank character who was used to take up space. Nick, is such a unique character. I love how he turned from the bad guy in the first part to just being a really confused man in the second part. Amy, she is just amazing. For some crazy reason, I see a little bit of myself in her, which scares me. Not the diary Amy, real Amy. It’s such a little adventure for her and she is so so so brave to do what she did.

The Gillian Flynn’s style is so different from any other author that I’ve read before. The way that she uses words is beautiful! Whenever you’re reading this, no matter what part you’re reading, you feel like you can conquer the world, or at least I felt like that. Her voice, throughout the story, was always up-lifting. I have put all of her other books on my tbr list.

I’ve already said that I didn’t like how some characters who were so important in the first part of the book became almost nonexistent in the second part. This frustrated me so much because some times you need the other opinions other than just the main character of that scene or chapter. Does that make sense? I didn’t like how whenever the character would go to a place, there was such a lack of descriptiveness. Like the bar Nick owns or the Mark Twain place, or even Nick and Amy’s house. I HATE the ending. There’s not much more to say on that other than it wasn’t fair at all.


I did like how Flynn put it in the Midwest, but somewhere other than a big Midwestern city. You see that so much and I’ve gotten tired of it. Going to that sleepy little town was a nice break from having to worry about life. I liked how deep the characters actually were. Most of the contemporary adult books that I read have just one character of focus instead of two and that character is either really weird or really boring. Thank goodness that there is a writer out there who wants to shake things up!

Overall I really did like this book, until the end. I’ll probably be putting this review up on Goodreads in a bit.


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Tell me what your thoughts on Gone Girl are. I would love to hear some other opinions!

Until the next time, keep on reading darlings.

Love, Loren

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