Review: Everything I Never Told You

Hey everyone! Sorry for such a long delay, but here is a review on a book that I finished about a month ago. I had to heal from the wounds that it left. LOL, I might not be joking about that…
This is such a good book. If you’ve never heard of it, go check it out on Goodreads here. Before I say anything else about this book, make sure, if you’re planning on reading this, that you have two or three days where you can read uninterrupted and by yourself. It’s such an amazing book, and you will most likely cry.
If you haven’t already stalked this book on Goodreads, then here’s a little overview of it.
There’s this beautiful, smart, and headstrong woman who plans on being a doctor. She meets a Japanese American professor in college, falls in love with him, gets pregnant, and marries him. Her dreams of being a doctor crushed after having three children. She settles. She didn’t get to achieve her dream, but for her middle child, Lydia, she wants her to finish her dream. Both parents push her, but she’s living a lie. One morning, she goes missing. Her body is found in a lake by the family’s house. Her parents and siblings are left to piece their lives back together and find out what and why she did what she did. Was it suicide, murder, or something else entirely?
These characters, when you first start reading, they seem so plain, boring, and not entertaining at all. But, the further you read, their trues selves get revealed. Their most private and intimate thoughts are put out for us to read and observe, and they will make you cry and think about your own life. The reason why I like this book so much is because of the character development, not other reason.
Celeste Ng’s style will surprise you, and her voice will quietly push you to realize what is actually happening. It’s subtle and loud at the same time. You will want to read it again and again right after you finish it.
I really liked how the characters began to develop and, as you learned their backstories, they began to make more and more sense. It was really like making new friends; at first you don’t know them very well, but as time goes on, you really get to know them.
I didn’t like how long it took to get into the story. It was such a good plot line, that I had to force myself to keep reading. If that’s what Ng was going for, then it worked, but I wish that there was a little bit more of a hook. In the beginning all of the characters were shallow, which really bothered me, a lot!
I would give this book a solid 7/10. Pretty good for a book like this, and for what I didn’t like about it. I wish that I could have given it a higher rating because I did really like it, but the rough patches and the BIG bumps in it forced me to give it a low rating.
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